We are very pleased to have awarded two full NIGC scholarships to two qualified students at Long Beach City College. La Tryce Jackson has a GPA of 3.023 and has completed 67.50 Units. In spite of continuing hardship, La Tryce remains a dedicated student who looks forward to graduation. Thomas Pool has a GPA of 3.558 and completed 29 Units. Faculty members commend him for being an outstanding student. Thomas is living at home, however there is little money left for his education. Scholarships are $1,600 each, $800 disbursed in the Fall and $800 disbursed in the Spring Semester


Eleven garden club members and friends traveled to the “sensational gardens" of Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, the first week of May. We enjoyed six days of sunshine and thousands of varieties of gorgeous tulips and perennials. The gardens of Vancouver were spectacular while offering views of the mountains, the North Shore and the city's skyline. The highlight, of course, was Butchart Gardens in Victoria. The unusual and famed Sunken Garden left us breathless. Trish will be sharing photos of each garden in the future.


Steve Conti, a well known appraiser to many celebrities, as well as a lecturer and author, came back by popular demand! He provided a very enjoyable and entertaining program while educating all of us in interesting pieces brought from members’ homes. He stops time for all of us, so we appreciate the beautiful things we have inherited from our families. Steve reflects on the time it took to make so many of these lovely things and how sad that many of the artists that created them aren’t available any more. Enjoy the lovely things in your homes, entertain with them and appreciate the craftsmanship that went in to making them!


The new tiles are installed at the fountain and the walkways are even and beautiful. The park was closed for over 2 months so 18 Bellas showed up soon after it was open to tackle weeds around the trees and under the hedges. Mike of Tri City Tree pruned the hedges beautifully so the members, working on their knees or sitting on the grass, had a clear shot at the crabgrass, oxalysis and dandelions growing thickly under the boxwoods.


Our Club's annual Flower Show, Raffle and Luncheon was a HUGE success! A big thank you to everyone for entering such beautiful flower displays, participating in the raffle and definitely enjoying each other's friendship. The big winners in the competition were Trish Schooley {Best of Theme}, Joyce Levinson {Judges’ Favorite} and Barbara Jordon {Members’ Favorite}. Other ribbons were awarded in to entries in 21 different categories . Our Club earned $2100 for the Beautification Fund through a raffle of local products and services from neighboring businesses and through the raffle of 16 beautiful table centerpieces. The theme of “Once Upon A Time…in the Garden” was carried out with creativity,


Kent & Lisa have lived in their home for a little over a year. During that time, they have transformed the sparse landscape into a lush garden. As you pass thru the garden gate, you will see kangaroo paws, pin cushion protea, jasmine, geraniums, and Nani the Chinese warrior standing guard. Lisa wanted a variety of tropical plants to honor the place where she and Kent met, Hawaii. The yard is full of elephant ears, white anthuriums, hibiscus, ferns and assorted palms. On the front porch there are pots brimming with succulents and stag horn ferns mixed with begonias adorn the porch walls. You may have seen Kent and Lisa walking their dog Sammy. During those daily walks, Lisa picks up liter on

May Day

Our Garden Club ladies filled baskets, vases, and cones with beautiful spring flowers and in the tradition of May Day they delivered them to friends and neighbors. Some of our longest standing members were selected to receive a special May Day arrangement. These ladies were so touched to receive a surprise; they remembered this tradition from their youth with smiles and tears. Many members of our Garden Club spoke of the sweet joy of giving! The spirit of May Day was certainly embraced and enjoyed. A special thank you to Lynn Shober for hosting a May Day "flower arranging party". It was such fun and so productive!

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