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The value of antique jewelry

Our May meeting was a fabulous and informative presentation by Dana Ehrman GG (Graduate Gemologist) Director of Bonhams Fine Jewelry in Los Angeles.

Dana comes from a family jewelry business and has more than 30 years of experience. She first gave us an overview of jewelry and its value. Market value is top value, insurance next and then the price that a buyer is willing to pay. She went on to talk about collectability, fashion trends, where jewelry comes from, influence/style and condition of the jewelry.

Dana stressed that you should save the boxes the jewelry came in as it increases the value. She also gave hints on how to clean jewelry. The market is like a wave, it constantly changes so if it isn't worth much today it might be worth much more in the future. “Wear and enjoy each piece of jewelry.”

Dana Ehrman also consults privately as CARES Compassionate and Reliable Estate Services as 310 736-5896 or

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