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Charleston Trip

Charleston was a grand trip for twenty-nine members and friends! Despite two days of rain, we visited the Middleton Plantation with a country lunch, Gibbs Museum and delightful City Tour with Benjamin and Neil via Pineapple Tours. Shopping days were fun and just a hoot. It was such a pleasure to meet many members from the Garden Club of Charles­ton at their hosted cocktail party. Included in the tour were beautiful private Charleston homes and gardens and wonderful restaurants in Charleston to fit every palette. Our last evening was enjoying a fabulous dinner at the Circa 1886 restaurant in the old Wentworth Mansion. Charleston was just a feast for all our senses - cobble­stone streets, rainbow-colored homes, pedicabs, rickshaws, horse and carriage, historic landmarks, Church steeples, sea islands and beautiful coastal landscapes. It was all inspiring to visit this charm­ing City.

Submitted By: Suzie Armstrong

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