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Bolsa Chica Land Trust was established in 1992 according to our speaker, Executive Director, Kim Kolpin. Its mission is to preserve and restore all of Bolsa Chica's 1,300 acres of wetlands. The wetlands are good for the environment as they provide as much oxygen as a rain forest.

The wetlands are 9000-years-old and have been used for many things over the ages. Originally a village, trade center, cemetery, and a ritual place, it became a military outpost as well as a gun club. Over the years, 50% of the original wetlands have been lost to residential development.

There are volunteers from all over the United States who come to these wetlands and help cleanup, replant and water by hand . Over 60,000 plants and grasses have been grown on site and have been hand planted to continue the local flora and fauna.

Anyone can volunteer the 1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday of each month. On the 3rd Sunday at 9am you can come for visitation and information about birds of which there are over 60 species. More information may be found at

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