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BARK Program

When Josie Gavieres, founder of the BARK program, came to speak at our Valentine’s Day NIGC meeting, she touched a lot of hearts. She spoke about the volunteer program of bringing therapy dogs to schools and libraries to help children be calm and read confidently in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Josie found a new volunteer team in “Finn”igan and Lynn Allen, an NIGC member. This is Finn on his first assignment at the Los Altos Neighborhood Library. He made a lot of new friends and fit right in. After three visits, Finn will be awarded his official BARK scarf. BARK dogs also help at nursing homes, senior living facilities, hospice, veterans centers and even universities to calm students during finals. If you would like to get more information, visit the BARK website at or call Josie at 562-235-8835.

Submitted By: Lynn Allen


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