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Beautification Award - March 2021

Succulents abound in planters and containers at 250 Ancona Drive and accent the walkway to the front door of Dawn and James Kruger’s new coastal, traditional home. The Kruger home is located on the property where former NIGC member, Norma Brown resided for many years. Although, the Krugers could not salvage Norma’s home, they did pay homage to an architectural feature of the Brown home by including an interior courtyard. A focal point of the Kruger courtyard is a mesquite tree that was hoisted by crane over the front of the home into the courtyard. From the sidewalk, the mesquite tree is visible thru the floor to ceiling windows in the front and interior of the home. A custom made water fountain is “in-progress” and will add more beauty and tranquility to the interior garden. A sweet surprise the story of Norma Brown's potted Christmas cactus. Dawn Kruger salvaged the pot from the wrecking ball and nursed the plant back to health. A little bit of Garden Club resides at 250 Ancona, a beautiful place to be.


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