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Earth Day at Naples Bayside Academy

After a group of NIGC gardeners weeded the planter boxes at Naples Bayside Academy on April 20th, NIGC offered to assist a small group of students from the school leadership team on Earth Day, April 22nd.

Sandy D & Linda F arrived early that morning with 10 bags of potting soil and some marigolds to add to the flower seeds the Naples parents had donated for the students to plant.

The pictures below show one Naples Leadership Team, Madeline, Sienna, Kayla, Amelie, and Anabelle and another picture with the Naples teacher, Amy A., who supervises the Leadership teams with one young aspiring gardener.

The other pictures show the young gardeners with NIGC President, Duckie C, Beautification Chair, Linda F and Sandy D, who volunteered to provide some helpful gardening tips to the young gardeners. It was a fun morning and NIGC was pleased to be invited to encourage a love of gardening to our younger generation.

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Linda Frame

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