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Gardening At Naples Bayside Elementary School

Naples Bayside Elementary is fortunate to have a crew of NIGC members visit it regularly to weed and plant flowers. Our talented NIGC photographer, Trish S., took a few pictures of our red apron ladies who spent some time at the school on Tuesday, April 20th. There was a group of ladies who weeded and trimmed in front of the library-Catherine S, Lauren B., Susan T., & Carolyn D. - while another group of ladies pulled weeds from the garden plots next to the cafeteria- Lynn S, Ruth S., Sandy D., Tish C., & Linda F. NIGC volunteered to prepare the plots for students to garden for the remainder of the school year. Also pictured is Jake, Trish’s dog, who supervised and guarded the ladies.

Our last picture, taken by Sandy Davidson shows Linda F & Thomas Pool, honorary NIGC member. Thomas, a past NIGC Scholarship recipient, has been hired by NIGC to assist the club with the watering, planting, and weeding at Naples School as well as the planters on Second Street.


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