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How To Put Some Buzz into Your Flower Arrangement

Naples Island Garden Club members were inspired by Leigh Anne Jannelli as she created three beautiful floral arrangements at our March general membership meeting. Her presentation was very timely since NIGC is having its’ Flower Show Luncheon on Thursday, April 27, 2023. Leigh Anne is the owner of Sweet Peas Flower Shop, located on Naples Plaza, which is celebrating its’ twenty seventh anniversary. Leigh Anne is a Long Beach native and appreciates the special community spirit enjoyed by the folks living in Naples and it is clear this feeling of appreciation is reciprocal. As we sat and watched her make her floral creations from two tables filled with a colorful array of flowers and greenery, she identified her choices and went through her creative process answering questions as well as giving helpful hints, such as-

Less is best

Begin your creation with the filler (the glue gun was a tool that might need to be added to your creative kit)

Have a focal point

Don’t buy flowers when the bud is too tight because they may never open

Cut on a slant

When asked what her proudest moment as a florist might be, Leigh Anne immediately responded, “Surviving covid!” The NIGC and Naples community are also relieved that her shop is still buzzing with business.

Submitted by : Linda Frame, 1st Vice President, Program Chair


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