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La Bella Fontana Flag

As you walk to La Bella Fontana Park, you will notice there is an American flag flying as you enter the park. This flag is replaced by a NIGC Beautification committee of one, Cathy Muirhead. She is the keeper of the flags and when it needs to be replaced, she calls Mike Frakes (Tri-City Trees), an honorary NIGC member, to replace the flag with his crew. The flags are donated by NIGC members or purchased by NIGC when we have no flags in our stockpile. Cathy took over this responsibility in June 2020 and has replaced the flag a number of times. We would like to remind our NIGC members and our community of one more job our Beautification Committees do to continue our traditions of our Naples Community. Since 2020, when Cathy assumed responsibility for this committee, she has replaced the flag on 9/24/2020 with a flag donated by Loretta Luskin for Morris Luskin, manufacturer of US Aircraft WWII and Lester Packard, US Army Air Corps, WWII. On 8/31/2021 the flag was replaced by a flag donated by Lisa Mauck for Gerald Trembel, US Army Air Corps, WWII.This is a tradition that NIGC proudly assumes and hopes our Naples community is able to remember our veterans who served our country as they see the flag flying as they enjoy our La Bella Fontana Park.

Submitted by

Linda Frame, Beautification Chair


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