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Trust, Transparency, and Technology - Building Digital Equity Through a Civic Digital Commons

What are smart city technologies? How are data privacy and smart city technologies related? Dr. Gwen Shaffer, a Professor from CSULB in the Department of Journalism and Public Relations and Director of Research for the College of Liberal Arts, was the featured speaker at our February 12th general NIGC meeting. Professor Shaffer not only tried to address these questions but also described the "digital rights platform" her research team designed in collaboration with the City of Long Beach to develop policies involving digital inclusion and equity, the City’s use of surveillance technologies, and Long Beach’s Smart City initiative. She described how the Platform uses text and iconography which “visually conveys how the City uses specific technologies, what data the devices collect, and how the City utilizes that data."  The Platform provides Long Beach residents with a clear understanding of how local government applies predictive and diagnostic analytics to personal data, thus empowering citizens.  It was an enlightening presentation and no doubt, left us with more questions.  

Submitted by: Linda Frame, 1st Vice President, Programs     


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