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"You Can’t Keep A NIGC Lady Down"

On a drizzly morning, four hardy NIGC ladies replanted and arranged new plants into two of the 2nd Street Planters which had been vandalized. The two planters which had just been replanted in early November by Nancy Pinckert and Lynn Allen unfortunately had the plants stolen from them during the last month. Well, we can now add to that old saying, “You can’t keep a good woman down” by changing it to “You can’t keep a good NIGC gardener down”. Nancy, Lynn, Cathy Ridder, and Linda Frame not only replanted and added to the 2 planters but also weeded the tree wells on the block between Siena Drive and Venetia Drive. The photos below show one of the planters as it initially looked, after it had been vandalized, and today with a beautiful bunch of succulents taken from Nancy’s garden. We hope you appreciate the work and contributions of these ladies not only to our organization but also to our community.

Submitted By : Linda Frame - NIGC Beautification Chair


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