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Back by popular demand Casey Coleman Schwartz gave us many hints on flower arranging using different colors for various seasons. 80% of all flowers are grown in California. Casey demonstrated “bundling”, making small bouquets held together with rubber bands in one vase so if you are having guests they can each take a small bouquet home. Then Casey demonstrated the technique of “gather, drop and fill”. Gather the flowers, drop them in a vase then fill in with greenery and more flowers. Several hints were given by Casey: 1) No greenery below the water line of your vase 2) Get flower stems in water within 10 seconds of cutting. 3) Cut all stems at a slant in order for the flowers to drink water 4) Fill vases 2/3 full of water 5) Create a focus flower in your arrangements 6) To make sure rose heads are firm squeeze the flower bud. If you wish to contact Casey or her sister Kit use their website, or call 310-739-7644. Casey and Kit offer classes at their studio in Torrance and they do tours of the flower mart in Los Angeles.

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