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Arbor Day Observance 

Arbor Day is a celebration to honor the importance of trees to our environment.  Begun in Nebraska in 1885 by Julius Morton, it is an opportunity to educate school children on the vital role that trees play in the health and beauty of our planet.   

The Naples Islands Garden Club recognizes this day annually with a dual purpose:  a tribute to Club members and their families who have passed during the previous twelve months, and the planting of trees.  This year a fourth crepe myrtle tree was planted in the median in front of the Naples Elementary School where the event took place on March 10th.


President Deborah Smith opened with a history of Arbor Day, and  Lynne Misajon, who co-chaired the event with Becky Jones, eloquently led the rest of the program. Principal Paula Spenker introduced students who delighted those present with original poems and songs. On a beautiful spring morning touched with sadness and humor, thirteen family members and friends shared heartwarming stories of their loved ones.  


Submitted by: Trish Schooley and Lynne Clarke

Photos by : Trish Schooley


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