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Flower Show - 2024

What a splendid day for a Flower Show! The sun shone and the skies blue when Naples Islands Garden Club held their annual event at the Long Beach Yacht Club, on Wednesday, April 10. Chairmen, Alison Lohfeld, Barbara Jordon and Pam McCredie and their wonderful committee, staged the most stunning features to greet the 118 members and guests who attended. A flowered backdrop and swing was set up for friends as a photo op to capture moments of merriment. Pinks and greens were the colors of the day for tables and napkins and the quarter decks were filled with many floral arrangements created by members. Three talented floral judges return year after year to choose winning entries in the many Flower Show categories. Big winners this year were Cindy Murphy for Judges’ Favorite and Catherine Steisel for Member Favorite. Winner of most awards won for the day was Kristen Gomez, with seven entries and seven awards…well done, Kristen! President Deborah Smith, welcomed special guests, Kristina Duggin, 3 rd District Councilperson and Orange County Garden Clubs District Director, Launa Gould.

It was a day reminiscent of words by Claude Monet…. “I must have flowers, always, and always.”

Submitted by : Trish Schooley


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