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Lovingly cared for storybook home and gardens, at 5438 Appian Way, is owned and maintained by Michele Swanson and hubby, Denis Wolcott.  Michele has lived there since 1995. Potted hydrangeas, salvia, miniature dahlias, wisteria, all of varying purple hues, as well as a variety of ground covers, trees and shrubs adorn the Swanson-Wolcott home. Inspiration for the homeowners' garden grew from memories of gardens in France and England. 

With permission from the city, the homeowners planted bermuda grass and lavender on the easement alongside the side property.  The block wall has trellised jasmine accompanied by a professionally built arbor for the wisteria.  Three extremely large ficus trees across the street shade the house many hours of the day. However, Denis and Michele have planted a great combination of plants, shrubs and trees to make pedestrians pause and enjoy a well tended home and garden.  Don’t forget to take a peek at the seasonal decorations behind the leaded glass windows!

Thank you to Kay Bailey and Linda Frame for supporting my selection of this home for the NIGC Beautification Award.


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