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“The State of Our City”

The October 10th Naples Island Garden Club celebrated the beginning of Fall by having the Third District Councilwoman, Suzie Price, speak to our members. Our members always look forward to hearing her well organized updates not only for our Naples community but also district and citywide-our Councilwoman never disappoints us as she shared her knowledge regarding our city and answered our questions. Since her election to the City Council in 2014, Councilwoman Price has not only made herself available to speak at our general monthly meetings, she has also served as guest speaker for our Veterans Day event-she is truly a friend to our NIGC. She has kept us up to date on the state of our city, responded to our concerns, and has championed many city issues as well as tried to build a cohesive feeling of community through her public forums and community gatherings. The Third District has been fortunate to have Councilwoman Price as our representative and we thank her for her service to our community.

Submitted by: Linda Frame, Beautification Chair


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