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"Hardy Flowering Shrubs"

Dalia Brunner from Rogers Gardens started off the new NIGC season with a fun filled program about “Hardy Flowering Shrubs”. She brought dozens of examples to share with the members and explained each one, including where and how to use them in Naples gardens. We learned many do’s and don’ts when planting. She described “full sun” to mean full sun exposure from 11am to 3:30pm daily and “partial” sun exposure meaning full sun morning to noon.

Dalia presented a humorous side while explaining how not to have your garden look like a “circus,” meaning too many odds and ends. She educated us on the importance of creating garden harmony; pick one plant and repeat. She noted, “People love to see Roger’s Gardens because of the harmony; they are clean, organized, and have repeat borders mixed with new planting.” She emphasized the importance of pruning plants twice a year in March and October. She said to pick up the top of your plants and “Chop it off the top just like a hair cut! “ She gave many more tips and expertly described each shrub. She was happy to “preach” to us in the church sanctuary! Dalia’s infectious enthusiasm and her love, love, love of plants was greatly appreciated!

Plants recommended by expert horticulturist Dalia Brunner during the September NIGC meeting. For more information please feel free to contact Dalia at Rogers Gardens. 949.640.5800.

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