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Our speaker, President and Head of Conservation Mary Parsell with the El Dorado Audubon Society, spoke on "Birds in the Garden". Mary informed us that the Nature Center and the El Dorado Audubon Society were started in the same year, 1969. The symbol of the Audubon Society is the Egret.

Mary talked about Herons in our area. She informed us that Herons like to eat gophers as well as fish. Mary identified other birds in our area including finches, doves, blackbirds along with yellow headed blackbirds, geese, ducks, sparrows, parrots, hummingbirds, orioles, kingfishers as well as mockingbirds. "Never Stop Listening to the Sounds of the Birds."

We are lucky to still have our wetlands, Mary said, because of the oil located in the birds’ and other wildlife’s habitat.

Several questions were asked about where to call or take sick birds and here are some recommendations:

1. Long Beach Animal Hospital 562-434-9966 2. South Bay Wildlife Rehab 310-378-9921

3. International Bird Rescue Center (San Pedro) 310-514-2573

4. Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center (HB) 714-374-5587

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