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Charming, witty, humorous and knowledgeable describes our October speaker, Steve Conti—“appraiser to the stars”. Steve gave us many helpful hints regarding our “old” things. Foremost he said, “document your items while you still can” and “don't touch old things such as polishing items, just leave them in their original condition.” Some of the usual items brought in and admired included: - Sterling silver hand made spoons with different flowers on top of each handle, one for each region of Australia.

- Old sleigh bells used on horses and mules.

- Depression glass salt and pepper shakers with stand. California Tudor tiles made by hand. Marion - Vintage nylon-silk stockings and unused spats in their original boxes. - A beautiful 18 carat gold watch with precious stones and a blue bevel face which Steve said was very valuable.

Steve's final comments were “use your things as old people live with these things and the young people don't want them”. “Everything has a purpose so we all need to take care of them ourselves”. If you missed the meeting it was a wonderful program and we thank Steve for once again for braving the freeways to come and speak to us.

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