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A Gift from NIGC to Naples Elementary School

On a chilly morning in late December 2021, a small group of NIGC members were at Naples Elementary School to witness the planting of two fifteen-gallon crepe myrtle trees in the grassy curbside plot in front of the Naples Elementary School Library. The trees were purchased from H & H Nursery by NIGC and donated to the school. Every Arbor Day, the Club endeavors to plant a tree or bush to not only emphasize the importance of this day with the school and its’ students but also to memorialize our NIGC members and family members who have passed away that year. This Arbor Day, 2022, the two crepe myrtles will serve as a remembrance of those lost to us during the past two years. It is the hope of our Club that every spring as the crepe myrtles blossom, our community will be able to see that it is possible for the beauty of nature to return after the harshness of winter-for some a memory of a loved one and for others a new beginning.

Submitted by: Linda Frame, NIGC Beautification Chair

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