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Holiday Fundraiser at Romance Etc.

Congratulations to Lisa Mauck on a financially successful Holiday Fundraiser. Although we could not have our “wine” party or a Sunday get-together in the Romance, etc backroom, many of us managed to get to the store with friends and family.  Here is a breakdown of our profit for 2020: Member Donations = $3,815 (only $20 less than the 2019) 15% of sales = $ 1,248 ($456 less than 2019) Expenses $87 for printing ($126 for printing 2019) Members, friends and family added $4,976 to the NIGC bottom line.  Our members rock! Congratulations to the following Raffle Winners:  Tish Camp, Marianne Huntley, Lynette Jordan, Cathy Ridder, Loretta Luskin, Lynne Clarke, Alison Lohfeld, and Lynette Sewell. Thank you to the following committee members: Susan Bell, Ruth Saa, Vicky Sawtelle and Beck Jones.

Thank you, family run business, Romance, etc. for partnering with NIGC.  We are grateful for your continuous support.  Members please give your support to Romance, etc. year round.


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