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Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific NIGC January General Meeting Program

2023 started off with a bang as NIGC Members were treated to learn about what’s new at our Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific during our General meeting in January. Valerie Hoffman, a charter volunteer and trustee of the Aquarium of the Pacific showed us with her power point presentation that our Aquarium has so much to offer our Long Beach community. It is not surprising after seeing her slides and listening to her informative talk that 1.5 million people visit this attraction yearly. It is truly an amazing place as we saw pictures of the new Babies Exhibit - a new desert tortoise, Magellanic penguins, sea otters, and baby jellies. Val also told us about a few of its’ conservation programs of endangered animals such as - the mountain yellow-legged frog, the white abalone., and the seadragon. After listening to Val’s presentation, it is not surprising that we had a few members want to sign up for membership because of the learning opportunities this Long Beach gem offers its’ citizens. Our members were pleasantly surprised when Val ended her presentation by having a raffle of 8 free tickets to visit the Aquarium and encouraged us to “embrace and share the joy of each day.

New member, Annie Brown, was welcomed at the January meeting by Maureen Schultz, Membership

Chair. Annie’s sponsors Lynne Misajon and Becky Jones made amusing introductions and Annie spoke of

her background and recent move to Naples. WELCOME, ANNIE!

Submitted by : Linda Frame, NIGC 1st Vice President


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