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Orange County District Meeting - February 28

The lovely garden of the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society was the site of the first OC District meeting in two years. Eight garden clubs attended and enjoyed the welcome and refreshments served by the SJC Garden Club. Tom Osterhaus of the Society gave a short talk about the landscape and buildings at the site in the Los Rios Historic District, Jan Siegal followed with a discussion of the history of San Juan Capistrano, founded in 1776 when construction of the Mission began. She discussed the flora that the Franciscans bought from Spain and Peru which thrived in Southern California: roses, olive trees, grape vines, and fig trees.

Launa Gould, Director, discussed the effect of Covid on clubs and membership rosters. She urged clubs to think "social, social, social" to draw members back to your club. Other advice covered IRS and non-profit status, insurance, and scholarships.

Launa and Bette Langford will attend our May 9 meeting. The gala final meeting of the OC District will be on Monday, June 27 at beautiful Sherman Gardens, and club members were urged to make reservations at the pretty restaurant where a new chef, Jessica Roy, is in the kitchen.

Submitted By: Sandra Davidson


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