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Red Apron Ladies Garden for 2022 Arbor Day

On March 8th, a group of red aproned ladies met at Naples Elementary School to garden the area in front of the Naples Library for the upcoming 2022 Arbor Day event on March 15th at 9:00 a.m. As the ladies chattered back and forth, weeds were pulled and plants trimmed. The two newly purchased crepe myrtles were watered and it is with pleasure that I can report seeing small leaves popping out on their branches-it is always so exciting to see new life with the advent of spring. As chairperson of this committee, I want to thank this group of NIGC Ladies for their support and hard work-Catherine S., Cathy M., Carolyn D., Cobi L., Sandy D., Lynn S., Maureen S., Ruth S., and Cindy M.

Submitted by : Linda Frame, Naples Elementary School Committee Chair

Photos taken by : Linda F. And Sandy D.


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