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Beautification Summer 2019

There was no 2019 summer vacation for the leaders and teams who garden at NIGC beautification projects.

Naples School volunteers led by Debbie Tebrich kept their gardening steady throughout the summer in anticipation of the Measure M work, scheduled to begin in September. Stay tuned for details.

Naples Plaza medians continued to look their best as Ginny Clark and volunteers weeded, treated mildew and deadheaded the Iceberg roses which responded with splendid cycles of blooming. Appreciate their efforts as you walk by or drive by !

La Bella Fontana leaders Tish Camp and Linda Frame held a series of gardening afternoons by the Bellas and concentrated on the new challenge of invasive nutgrass, a nasty weed new to the park. Jeff King and Azteca have now taken on the battle. Thank you to the many members who labored steadily over the summer; we are proud of you.

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