The last week in January, LBUSD tore apart the landscaping at Naples School to repair a clog in the sewer line to the cafeteria. They threw the agapanthus in a heap. These garden warriors spent Saturday, January 26th dividing and replanting the agapathus. The areas by the sign, library and left of auditorium were all enhanced by these recycled plants. Thank you to our members who worked long and hard to maintain our beautiful school landscape!


The recent storms had decimated our flag flying at the park. After seeing how it had deteriorated, Norma Kober called Mike Frakes at Tri-City Tree Service who brought his crew to Naples. They climbed the 20 foot ladder to replace the flag. We are so grateful for his help and his dedication to keeping our flag flying proudly and in excellent condition. A big thank you to him! The new flag has been donated by Thomas Shadden in memory of Everett W. Shadden, 1st Lt., U S Army WWII, Silver Star Recipient. It is always poignant to reflect on what this means to our community and especially to those who have donated flags in memory of their loved ones who gave so much.


At our February meeting Susie Vanderlip gave us an informative talk on Butterflies in the Garden. As well as a professional speaker she is a dancer and Yoga instructor for seniors testing her breathing exercises on our members! Author of the children's book, Chester the Monarch Butterfly, beautiful photographic greeting cards and Yoga DVD's were very popular items for sale following the program. Everyone received seeds for milkweed plants which is the host plant for the butterflies along with suggestions on starting a butterfly garden. Plant your butterfly garden in a sunny location (5 to 6 hours a day) but sheltered from the winds. Provide water in the form of a bird bath or fountain. Feed


Seventeen Garden Club members and a spouse (Stan Poe) attended a special meeting at Naples School regarding the twelve-month construction project at Naples School slated to begin in June. Our purpose was to emphasize to LBUSD our Club's interest in how the landscape will be protected and nourished as systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing) are replaced and/or updated. Alan Reising, LBUSD promised that irrigation would not be turned off. The school project will roll out and Phase II of the Naples Seawall replacement effort will not be far behind. This promises to be a very intense year of construction and traffic for the island. The school construction is funded by the property owners o


At the general meeting in January, NIGC member Sumera Wacker introduced the amazing Naples Islands Garden Club website to those who had not yet seen it . Using the stunning catalog of photos from Trish Schooley and the Island Poppy publication from Nancy Pinckert, Sumera showed all of the club information currently available on the site. If you haven’t already, CHECK IT OUT!


The Beautification Award this winter goes to Marc and Nadia Ramos, 5770 Lucia Walk. Small gardens adorn the front and side yard spaces. A garden table from the 1950s showcases the front patio. There is a lively fern grotto area, single petal white camellia bushes, white iceberg roses and gently swaying Mexican Heather. Begonia filled planters grace the second story window boxes. Assorted stalk, cyclamen, and impatiens are integrated throughout the grounds. Next time you are passing on The Toledo, take a look and ENJOY!

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