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Nicolas Staddon and Trish Schooley gave us a wow presentation on Chelsea’s 2017 garden show. Nicholas is a passionate gardener and is very well informed on all plant types. He explained the different parts of the flower show. Our very own Trish Schooley photographed all divisions of the show and gave us a description and background. They described the over 50 storefronts in the Chelsea area that participate in the show by decorating their very own establishments. The winner was a men’s traditional clothing store set in a safari theme, with a spectacular set of flowers, animals and a jeep! They shared with us the grand prize winning garden, a model of a

Quarry from the island of Malta complete with limestone slabs. Nicolas was extremely informative in giving a historical and geographic background. Finally, both Nicolas and Trish shared outstanding photography and descriptions of displays of different types of flowers. Together, they made a fantastic presentation for all of us to enjoy. All in all it was absolutely beautiful and informative!

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