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Bellas at La Bella Fontana Park

On Thursday, May 6th, the NIGC Bellas met for the final time this year until next September to weed, trim, and prepare our community park for end of year picture taking- Mothers Day, proms, graduations, and general celebrations. Thanks to our thirteen ladies who brought their red aprons, gardening tools, trash bags, and smiling faces. Pictured below are Lynne C. & Lynn M., Jeanne K. & Cathy M., Dee M., and in the group photo we see Lauren M., Allison L., Kathy O., Vicky S., Susan T., & Carolyn D. Missing in the photo is camera shy Cathy R. and Sandy D. who volunteered to take the pictures. Such a fun group and what a great way to give back to our community.

Submitted by Linda Frame, Beautification Chair


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